2018 167

During my freshman year, I was nervous to be in a new school and I was worried that the upperclassmen would kind of bully the underclassmen. My peers were always very positive and we all grew strong bonds with each other, and we even became close to some of the upperclassmen, too, so there wasn’t … Read More

2018 165

This is my first year in Youth Leadership Through Adventure (YLTA) and I am definitely glad that I joined. I had the opportunity to participate in a leadership conference with students from other schools, and everyone—and I mean everyone—had a kind, open heart to welcome whoever they met. I felt like I really belonged. Through … Read More

2018 163

I don’t always appreciate all the life I have. For a very long time, I lived in an unhealthy home and felt that very few people cared about me. Sometimes I came into school feeling depressed. I wouldn’t speak and I always kept my head down. I started hating everyone I met and I didn’t … Read More

2018 161

After school one day, the student council and the freshman class officers sat down with the principal, explaining how we wanted to approach our senior dues. He took everything we said into consideration and was actually glad we came up with the idea. He had been waiting for a class that didn’t wait until the … Read More

2018 159

A teacher who has mentored me (and who also brought me into this group) is Mrs. H. She is one of the most amazing, kind, and caring people I have met. Whether we’re talking together in a group or one-on-one, no matter what the topic is, she always makes it seem that everything you say … Read More

2018 157

Kids who never thought of themselves as leaders were given the training session and chosen to lead a group of peers. Teachers were involved in the activities but allowed the students to be the leaders. Students who never would have crossed paths otherwise participated in games and discussions together. Everyone in the school was involved, … Read More

2018 155

A community leader who had mentored me, I would say, is Mrs. H. She genuinely cares for both her students and the community, and is the kind of person who is always trying to better the ways of life for those around her. She is very open and will always be there for and listen … Read More

2018 153

A few years ago, my school community was feeling the opposite of friendly. Youth Leadership Through Adeventure (YLTA) was still new in my school: my sophomore year was the first year that it began making real changes. At that year’s high school conference, our school group planned a School Climate Project. This consisted of making … Read More

2018 151

I personally believe that the most important thing we can do to create a positive school environment is to help kids become comfortable with putting themselves out there. When I first started my high school career, I was constantly anxious and afraid to be myself. I was too scared to join clubs, share my opinions, … Read More

2018 149

I think that my school, Berlin High School, is overall a pretty positive environment. I think that there is an adequate amount of support given to anyone who is willing to come forward and ask for help. Of course, having supportive/positive friends always helps, but there are lots of adults who are willing to step … Read More