2018 187

One day when I was in fourth grade, our school made food for the Haven, a home for homeless people. Our class made bread while other classes made stew, pie, and soup. It was a wonderful community effort to help the homeless have a meal. —Canaan Memorial High School   DOWNLOAD THE PDF

2018 185

A person in my community mentors me. This person helps with community problems and tries to make our community a better place. He thinks about what is best for the community and what community members want. He is someone I look up to for being kind and helpful. Canaan wouldn’t be the same without him. … Read More

2018 183

A few weeks ago, I had my first session with a school counselor. I felt super comfortable around her, and I really enjoyed it. When she asked me questions, she would explain why. She told me what she thought, and asked me if I agreed. I felt relaxed, secure, and safe. It was a wonderful … Read More

2018 181

One of my favorite school trips was going to Destination Imagination’s Global Finals in Tennessee. This was not a class trip but a competition that Berlin High School’s Destination Imagination team made it to. In order to go to Finals, we had to go to the Regional competitions and place either 1st or 2nd, then … Read More

2018 179

A time that I feel as though my school made a decision that showed they cared about what students think is last year when they allowed Youth Leadership Through Adventure (YLTA) to host a school climate day. YLTA planned the whole day with activities to get the student body more involved, and it was a … Read More

2018 177

In my community, there are many opportunities for students to volunteer, through Key Club, National Honor Society, and other groups. One of these opportunities is volunteering with Special Olympics. I have volunteered with Special Olympics Bowling for over two years now. I could say that, by keeping score for the Olympians and encouraging positive behavior … Read More

2018 175

I’m going to talk about one teacher in my school who has made a huge difference on the way I approach things, someone who has not only greatly impacted me but other people even more. Here at Berlin High School, we have created a positive environment through our Youth Leadership Through Adventure (YLTA) group, sports … Read More

2018 173

Everyone should have a mentor in their life that makes them comfortable, appreciated, and equal. I did not have a mentor until sophomore year. My mentor happened to be my health teacher. From the moment I walked into class, I knew that I was going to love this teacher and she was going to change … Read More

2018 171

A peer is someone who you go to school with and should be here for you when you need it. A teacher is someone who is always here for you and will try their best to help you succeed. A community leader is someone who you can go to and feel comfortable with. All three … Read More

2018 169

So I play a new, uplifting sport called Unified Basketball, where students with disabilities get a chance to be part of a school team. There are two types of students on the team: the partners and the players. The partners are there to help out by getting rebounds and passing. The only people to shoot … Read More