2018 7

I have been mentored by a particular teacher, who is also our Youth Leadership Through Adventure Leader. She is such a positive and outgoing person, and her positivity really spreads when I’m with her. She is a great mentor because she is always trying to get us involved with everything. Being around somebody with that … Read More

2018 5

One time I was having an off-week. My coach noticed something was wrong and reached out, asking if I was ok. I kinda just told him I was stressed with school and friends. He then told me that sometimes life gets hard but you have to keep with it to see where it will take … Read More

2018 3

Last year, when I was in 8th grade, we had this part of the day called “success block.” This was a period of the day when, if you were behind on a class or had missed some schoolwork, you could go to a classroom and get caught up. If you didn’t have anything to do, … Read More

2018 1

At one time my school did not have a ski team, so my family and I approached the school board to see if I could take part in the high school races on my own. The school board listened to our proposal and worked with us to help me become the Lisbon Ski Team. We … Read More