2018 207

Being who I am, I naturally am not an open book. If anything is wrong or stresses me out, I tend to bottle it up because I want to appear as optimistic and strong. When I moved to the school I’m at now, I was an even more shut off person than I was in … Read More

2018 205

There is someone in my community who is a selectman and the pastor for a local church who is a great person and tries to do the right thing for everyone. He has two of the most challenging jobs in America, working as a pastor and in government, but he is loved by many people. … Read More

2018 203

When I was in school in Colebrook, our teachers took us to the recreation center pool for a field trip. I can’t remember why, exactly, but they surprised us with ice cream cones. —Canaan Memorial High School   DOWNLOAD THE PDF

2018 201

There are two instructors who show students that they care. One is a good mentor who works with students with disabilities. The other is also a strong mentor who provides students with information about preventing drug use. —Canaan Memorial High School   DOWNLOAD THE PDF

2018 199

I have found that Canaan Memorial High School is a community where everyone is willing to help one another. Whether it is in the classroom or helping a fellow student, everywhere people are helping each other. This builds a strong community climate. Junior high school soccer is a great example. The girls would always do … Read More

2018 197

My robotics team rocks! The club started when our local librarian was determined to give kids in our small community access to computer science skills. He went out of his way to start the robotics club, gather sponsors, enter us in competitions, and help us learn how to build and program a robot. He is … Read More

2018 195

My class was putting on a play and other kids started picking on me. They were picking on me because I was reading and walking so slow. My teacher told them to stop and that everyone does things differently. —Canaan Memorial High School   DOWNLOAD THE PDF

2018 193

In fifth grade, my teacher sent me a card thanking me for a Christmas present I gave her. This teacher has always respected me and let me talk to her about anything, and she always had my back. I am thankful for this special teacher and when she sent me a personal Christmas card, I … Read More

2018 191

I live in a very small town with a great community and school. Our school doesn’t have many kids, so you know everybody. Last year, our school day ended at 2:45. This past fall, school ended at 3:06, and now it ends at 3:00. These changes have allowed us to collaborate with our neighboring schools, … Read More

2018 189

There was a big debate in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade at our school. We only had 20 minutes to eat lunch and the kids wanted more time. Mr. M heard our request and gave students 10 additional minutes to digest and play around. In winter, we go to the gym and play basketball and … Read More