2017 1

The North Country has always been where I’ve lived, but it took longer than it should have for me to proudly call these mountains my home. I’ve always imagined something bigger and better. The city, maybe? Possibly not being bound by time and commitment? It would frustrate me to see so many admirable adults contentedly … Read More

2017 2

These are a few of the many reasons why I would come back to this community after college to settle down and start a family. I am a sophomore and part of a school group called INSPIRE. INSPIRE is a group of high school students that wants to positively  change the school and the community. … Read More

2017 3

There is one moment in my life that stands out from the rest by far. In the winter of 2016, on the coldest night of the year, my house caught fire. This was no doubt one of the lowest moments in my life, especially considering that my parents had divorced and my house had flooded … Read More

2017 4

Just today, we were able to go to the staff and get a table for the senior lunch area. I can trust that when I speak freely,  am not judged by the teachers. I can openly speak to the staff as peers! I am friends with everyone in our school – teachers and staff, too. … Read More

2017 5

Our teachers once gave us a chance to convince them of our opinion on an assignment. We asked for more time to work, and they respected our opinion, listened to us, and took it into consideration. —Anonymous

2017 6

There were some really strict rules about clothing, to the point where you couldn’t wear any tank tops. The closest you could get was a regular T-shirt. So many people stated their feelings to the administration that they changed the dress code to be more reasonable. Being a part of this community has totally changed … Read More

2017 7

I was working on an essay and I was stressed out about it. I went to my 3rd block teacher, who took the time to help me with the wording so I could calm down and get it done on time. —Anonymous

2017 8

Of all of the adults in my life, I admire my S.A.P. the most. She is understanding of everyone, and her office is a judgement-free safe zone for everybody. I hope I can someday be as understanding and accepting as she is. —Emily, White Mountains Regional High School

2017 9

A student came into out principal’s office one day and complained about our local community’s lack of understanding about the world. The student wanted more options for learning about world cultures beyond our town. The principal worked with the student and staff to create Spanish classes. —Anonymous

2017 10

My school has always had a pretty nice school climate. Recently, my school took it one step further and allowed a couple of students to  join the school board to give their peers a voice. —Anonymous