There is one moment in my life that stands out from the rest by far. In the winter of 2016, on the coldest night of the year, my house caught fire. This was no doubt one of the lowest moments in my life, especially considering that my parents had divorced and my house had flooded the summer before. From there, I was forced to live with my grandparents for three months in the neighboring town of Berlin while still traveling to school in Gorham. At this point, my family thought that we would have to recover from this tragedy by ourselves, but we were very wrong. Immediately, support came pouring in with offers to make us food, help clean the damages, and even provide us a place to stay if we needed it.

This unmatched support is unlike anything anywhere else in the world, and anyone who would want to leave it is crazy. You can almost call the people in this community your family, as that is how you are treated in times of tragedy. I feel that this closeness is enough to bring anyone back to this area. If you need a friend, someone will be there. If you need to talk, someone will be there. If you need support, someone will be there. This community is amazing.

—Student, Gorham Middle High School

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