Our school has been working to create a positive environment for our students where they can express themselves freely. Recently, our school held an exhibition night, which allowed students to display their personal knowledge, projects, and class work to the public. With tennis ball launchers, corn hole, food preparation, or simple tri-fold boards, the students used this opportunity to present in a nontraditional way what they do on a daily basis. Since this was the first exhibition executed completely by students, we were uncertain just how successful it would be, or how many people from the community would be interested in it.

However, as the day approached, students continuously worked on their projects and displays, which showed the determination and passion we had towards this event.

As community members began to arrive at the event, students proudly introduced and explained what they had been preparing for, which was one of many worries. Community members were invited into the cafeteria for refreshments and appetizers, then returned to displays or class meetings. The parents were able to view our lives from a new perspective, and learn how our schooldays really are (as opposed to the typical “fine”).

I believe that this experience impacted the students’ lives as well, allowing us to present to individuals outside of our classes something they may or may not know they’re interested in. It also allowed students to learn about former Spartans’ views on the school and how the climate has changed over time.

—White Mountains Regional High School