I have a friend who has mentored me for a long time, though in a way, we have mentored each other. For years now she has been a great and loyal friend. She has helped me through tough times and tough decisions, and I have done the same for her. We have always had each other’s back, whether we are near or far. We both have great chemistry and share a lot of the same interests, yet she is different at the same time, in a good way. We can bond over anything, and we often have the same mindset regarding many things.

However, this isn’t just to explain how great a person she is, it is also to explain what makes her such a good mentor. She devotes so much of her time to making the best of everything, brightening the days of others, and is never afraid to talk about anything if anyone ever needs someone to talk to. We are always there for each other, and thanks to her and her mentorship, I am inspired to do many things and to make others happy as well.

—White Mountains Regional High School