I have a mentor in a friend that I met this year. I don’t think she would be comfortable with me writing about her, so I’ll call her my friend.

Because she is a senior, she has had most of the teachers thatI currently have. As a result, she knows a lot about how certain teachers teach and how to understand their classes better. I understand some of my teachers better because of what she has told me.

She is always very kind to everyone, no matter what they have done, or how much they deserve it. You will never hear a negative word come from her about anyone. She has helped teach me that kindness is always the best answer. It is because of her that I do not swear as much anymore and try to be nice to everyone. K has showed me that we should always be kind to one another.

She and I do the same sports even though I am not athletic at all. When I started doing cross-country, I was the slowest person on the team by at least 30 minutes. I would get slightly depressed because of this, but she would cheer me up. Every time I would talk about how slow I was and how bad I was, she would remind me of all the things that I was good at and really raise my spirits. It is mostly because of her that I still do sports, even though I am really bad at them.

It is her experience, her kindness, and great friendship that
makes her such a great mentor. She has shown her experience in teaching me about the classes that I’m taking and the teachers that I have. She has shown me her kindness by never talking down about anyone. Finally, she has proven herself to be a great friend by cheering me on and making me feel better when I’m down. She has done so much for me and taught me so much that I know that she will be one of the greatest mentors in my life.

—White Mountains Regional High School