A school event that demonstrated inclusion of all students was our new and improved Open House on November 9th, 2017. Throughout the school, there were tri-fold posters everywhere displaying all of the hard work that students had put into their classes or clubs. It brought all of the different groups of people together. It made everyone feel like they did something successful and worth presenting to parents. It boosted the confidence of every high school kid and made them feel like they belong here no matter their niche.

This was also a chance to show off the different and unique opportunities we have at White Mountains and to make sure everyone is recognized for their work. The staff, administration, and community walked around and applauded people on their accomplishments, which really made the students feel proud. I talked with a lot of my peers, and they told me many parents had said “This is really cool” or “Wow, great work!” You could tell they were really happy that others were impressed by their work. I think many adults were surprised that high school students were able to be professional and put something really good together. It also gave the class officers a chance to meet with parents and tell them the everyday life at WMRHS. This was a great public-speaking experience for the leaders of each class, and it provided an opportunity for one-on-one time with any parents who had questions. Personally, I talked with Mr. B and he made me feel really good about myself.

All of the hard work and preparation really paid off for all of the students and faculty, and it was a huge success. It is a memory from high school that I won’t forget. This event really brought everyone together as one, and I have never felt more a part of Sparta than on that night!

—White Mountains Regional High School