I have a teacher named Ms. R. She is absolutely amazing, and I believe that teachers should learn from what she is doing. Not only does she teach academics, she teaches us about ourselves and who we are. She teaches us about the world around us, and makes sure everyone understands. She is respectful and will never let someone feel less than anyone else. She is an amazing teacher.

I one time was having a really stressful day and was really upset. I walked into her room, and she knew immediately something was wrong. There were tears running down my face and I just wanted to go home. I felt that I couldn’t do any work. After she gave us the day’s assignment, she came over to me and rubbed my back while I did my paper. She calmed me down, and made sure I was ok. I finished the rest of her class, and ended the day happy. I will never forget that day. She is always a safe person I can talk to now, and I know that walking into her class—no matter how bad my day is going—she will make it just a little bit better.

Ms. R is never unkind, and always gives respect to everyone, even when people don’t give it back. She is the perfect balance between teacher and friend. I think all teachers should be like Ms. R. Not only do I learn about history in that classroom, I learn a little more about myself and the world I live in. She truly cares about all of her students, not only their educations, but how they are doing. It comforts me to know that, once I leave here, she will continue to touch students’ lives, one class at a time.

—White Mountains Regional High School