From k through 6th grade, my basketball, baseball and soccer teams were led by the same coach. It all started out with tee-ball and smart start basketball. I had Coach for both of them, too.

As I continued to grow, baseball and basketball became my preferred sports, and I began focusing on them more than soccer. Baseball was a little different than basketball, and we acquired new coaches every year, for there was a draft for the players and the coaches would choose who they wanted on their teams. I was lucky and had the same baseball coach for three of the five years. Basketball, on the other hand, was always the same. We had Coach, with a little help from Assistant Coach. This was great because he seemed to know the players and their strengths and weaknesses and could help each player specifically and help the team build and grow as one.

I find what Coach has done for the community, and is still doing today, amazing. Sports are a big part of our small town/county, and with his efforts to teach kids as young as kindergarten, he helps the future of the program. He has always been dedicated to the program and never lets his teams down. With Coach, I have learned not only the games of basketball and baseball, but many life lessons as well.

—White Mountains Regional High School