I moved to Whitefield Elementary School in the 7th grade. I was the new kid, and oh boy did I feel like the new kid. Like every other student, I had favorite teachers, and like most kids in 7th and 8th grade. Not only was my favorite teacher was he cool, he also was a friend to all, kind of like a school Santa. Even though he was friendly, he did have rules and he did make sure that we learned Social Studies. His class wasn’t uptight and full of pressure; it was as comfortable as your own living room but full of learning and concentration like a library.

I’m not saying that every day was all peaches and cream, because it wasn’t. There was still tons of drama because this was middle school, but this teacher did his best to stop the drama, and as long as you respected him, he respected you. He was understanding and patient. If a kid was having a hard time, he would do his best to make sure that kid understood the lesson and learned the information. Even though he was all of these wonderful things, he was a human, and like all humans, he only had so much patience. I can’t count how many times a kid would beg for more time on a project, right on the date it was due. And like the many kids before, the kid would not get the additional time.

Even though this teacher was relaxed and friendly, he was strict when it came to the rules in his classroom. There was zero tolerance for bullying. There was also no cursing. One of his biggest
rules was his respect rule: “If you respect me, I will respect you.” And: “You will respect everyone in this class. You may not get along with them, or work with them all that well, but you will respect them.”

We need more people like him in the Coös community because the more men and women we have like this in the community, the more kids will learn and the more kids will be respectable.

—White Mountains Regional High School