One time, Officer C had my back with an issue about an ex-girlfriend. She had pressed bullying and harassment charges on me because of my friends tortured and humiliated her after we broke up. I tried to prevent most of it, but there was only so much I could do. The stuff she said wasn’t true and the stuff she blamed me for was a lie. Officer C believed me and had faith that I wasn’t lying. He kind of made me feel calm and explained that if I wasn’t lying, I would be fine and that I shouldn’t worry about it. Obviously I was still scared, but he made each day better by making me happy and helping me out in the situation. She used to hit me and scratch me like it was okay, but I never said anything because I thought I was in love. Officer C explained to me that the relationship I was in wasn’t healthy. I totally agree with him now, but before that I was always in denial, thinking she was the best thing that had happened to me. I was wrong, and he explained to me and I finally realized it wasn’t healthy by any means. Officer C cheered me up and made me happy and told me that I wasn’t in trouble. He explained that in situations like this, I should be 100% honest and I was. This helped me win the case, and gave me new confidence in myself, thanks to Officer C.

Officer C is awesome and understands students better then a lot of other cops do. We need more people like Officer C for a really big reason. Many SROs deal with problems by yelling or cursing at students. We need people who have heart and people who have love and can understand a child from their point of view.

—White Mountains Regional High School