To me, being inspired is the same thing as being empowered. And this school is truly inspiring, especially because the surrounding area is recovering from an uncertain economy. Our school is the best around and offers tons of opportunities. I have felt empowered more than once so I’ll tell you about a few. The first time I was truly empowered was by my class when I ran for student body president. I made a speech, then a peer helped me better it. I really did not think that I was going to win but when I did, I was empowered and I realized that I could do anything that I set my mind on and worked towards.

Another time that I was inspired was when G willed the aquaponics program to me. That is one thing that really makes me feel empowered because they believed in me and thought that I would continue the program the best.

The final thing that has empowered me is when I wrote the “This I Believe” essay. I finally got to really express myself through the form of writing, and the teacher, Ms. C, thought it was good and that really meant a lot to me, too, knowing that I have the power to write about anything I feel. Also, she sent it to my family saying that she was impressed, which I don’t get a lot.

—White Mountains Regional High School