My Tech Ed teacher was one of my favorite teachers because he showed me that I could actually enjoy school. The assignments we had in his class were mostly woodworking and computer designing. I soon realized I really enjoyed his class after we did a few projects.

The first project we did was bridge building. Once the entire class finished building their final bridges, Tech Ed teacher would test to see how much weight they could hold. My friend J was my partner and we built a very good bridge that could hold about 45 pounds. Our bridge wasn’t the best, but it was up there and we had a lot of fun using the tools. This was one of the projects that got me really interested in Tech Ed.

The second project that we did was building clocks. I never finished my clock but I had lots of fun playing with the tools. To build the clocks, we had to cut out the design that we wanted. I went with a curved top and smoothed it out with sandpaper until it was very smooth. I coated it with a protective layer that left a rustic, brownish look to the wood that I really liked. The reason I never finished the clock was because I never got the clock face made in time.

—White Mountains Regional High School