I’m going to talk about one teacher in my school who has made a huge difference on the way I approach things, someone who has not only greatly impacted me but other people even more. Here at Berlin High School, we have created a positive environment through our Youth Leadership Through Adventure (YLTA) group, sports teams, and many other groups. In the three years that I have been in this school, I have seen our school and community grow. One reason that I think we’ve come this far is because of this teacher I mentioned earlier. She is the most positive, uplifting, and outgoing person I’ve ever met. She has gotten me to see the positive side in every situation and she always makes me smile. She lets you know that you can do it, that the week is almost done and that another week is to come. Yes, of course, she gets help with the students, and some other teachers, but our school has become a great positive place thanks to her efforts, the student cooperation, and the school board allowing all the things we do.

—Berlin High School