Everyone should have a mentor in their life that makes them comfortable, appreciated, and equal. I did not have a mentor until sophomore year. My mentor happened to be my health teacher. From the moment I walked into class, I knew that I was going to love this teacher and she was going to change the ways students looked at things. Every day when we walk into class, she has us write a lesson for life, which is a journal entry on a sentence that she picks. We write how we feel about it.

She invited me into this club called Youth Leadership Through Adventure (YLTA) and I was really nervous at first because I was a shy underclassman. But she comforted me and said, “You’ll have fun. All the students involved have the same interests as you.” So I went on a YLTA trip in the winter, to go on a hike then stay in a lodge, and I made new friends and we all talked and opened up to each other.

She has not only taught me how to be positive even when things are so difficult you just want to breakdown, but she taught me how anybody can change your life.

—Berlin High School