So I play a new, uplifting sport called Unified Basketball, where students with disabilities get a chance to be part of a school team. There are two types of students on the team: the partners and the players. The partners are there to help out by getting rebounds and passing. The only people to shoot during the game are the players. This new sport has brought our community together more than one could imagine. At each game, there are between two and three hundred people in attendance. One of the best parts of the game is that when either team scores, everyone cheers, and it’s just such a positive environment. The sport gives everyone a chance, makes everyone happy and smile, and for me, just seeing that smile on someone’s face is just great. I personally have seen a lot more community participation in all kinds of events since the start of the sport, and to see this have that big an impact on one community, I think all communities should get something like Unified Basketball.

—Berlin High School