During my freshman year, I was nervous to be in a new school and I was worried that the upperclassmen would kind of bully the underclassmen. My peers were always very positive and we all grew strong bonds with each other, and we even became close to some of the upperclassmen, too, so there wasn’t really any negativity like I thought there was going to be. Some of my teachers impacted this greatly. They always kept a positive attitude and if they ever saw anything wrong, they would always be there for me. As the year went on, I noticed how positive a lot of people in the school were and I worked hard to continue the positivity and to stay happy, because I know this will impact the attitudes of my peers, too. I found a good friend group my freshman year and we are always a happy and positive group, and when we share that attitude with others, our group grows larger and larger as we pass on the happiness and positivity.

—Berlin High School