A teacher who has mentored me (and who also brought me into this group) is Mrs. H. She is one of the most amazing, kind, and caring people I have met. Whether we’re talking together in a group or one-on-one, no matter what the topic is, she always makes it seem that everything you say is important. She is always there for anyone, and we all know that she is the best leader/teacher this group could ever see.

All the teachers at Berlin have a great amount of respect for their students, and we all really appreciate that. We all strive for success because they have helped us realize who we are and what we are capable of. Our teachers are a big part of this school and really want to see ALL of us do great things.

Our sports teams and coaches probably have the next most important impact on this community because we are a big sports town. We have some of the most talented, life-changing coaches in the world right here in our school.

—Berlin High School