I personally believe that the most important thing we can do to create a positive school environment is to help kids become comfortable with putting themselves out there. When I first started my high school career, I was constantly anxious and afraid to be myself. I was too scared to join clubs, share my opinions, or meet new people. Luckily, I was surrounded by many positive and wonderful individuals who helped me feel comfortable and valid. Looking back, I wish I could’ve had the confidence I now have years ago, and I think welcoming new students, encouraging club membership, and being nice and open to people you don’t always talk to benefits the entire school environment in numerous ways. The number of positive relationships I now have shocks me when I compare it to the negative ones I once had. I’m hoping to expand our school’s clubs and work more with people I have yet to talk to, because I know that when one individual did that for me, they changed my life forever. A simple friendly gesture can save someone.

Another thing I wanted to write about is how much the teachers have helped our school climate. I don’t think the teachers here at Berlin High School get as much credit as they deserve. The teachers here work hard every day to accommodate for everyone.

—Berlin High School