Throughout life we’re always meeting new people, friends come and go, lovers seem to fade away no matter how hard you try, but even through it all you’re never alone even if you don’t realize it. If you look in the right spots, wherever that may be odds are you’re sure to find that one person that’s going to love, support, and care for you even in your darkest days. Often times they are in the simplest places such as your community, or even family. In my situation the people who influence and make me feel the most empowered are my grandparents. They’ve taught me so much throughout my life already and I’m sure they’ll keep it up, they’re willing to help everybody who needs it without judging, or ridiculing them.

B and B are two people that I know I’ll never forget and I wish more people had the opportunity of knowing this once in a lifetime husband and wife. In my 16 years on this earth I’ve seen them constantly changing dozens of people’s lives for the better. Whether it’s a family member, friends, or simply a coworker they’re always there to hold out a hand and be there for you in any way possible. Without them my family wouldn’t be how it is today. When I was younger I remember living in the upstairs of their house because my family wasn’t financially well enough to have a place to call our home. Don’t get me wrong both my parents are extremely hard workers, but when you have as many kids to feed and care for as they did it becomes hard to get by on your own at times. Even when we lived with them they never put up a fuss about it, we were not a burden there which we would have been if we had chosen to go anywhere else. Even after putting in a 60- hour work week and being stressed to the max they still managed to make time to do something fun with us kids. It may have been something simple and cheap, but it meant the world to us, and our happiness has and always will be something they are able to be proud of knowing that they’re the ones who always seemed to put a smile on our faces. To this day they are still willing to help put people back on the right track until they are able to stay there on their own without making the same repetitive mistakes.

Over the years I have come to learn many important life morals and values from them. Throughout their mercy to help those who have hurt, or went against them I’ve learned to forgive and help those in need instead of turning them down. They also managed to make me understand that helping someone is always worth it in the end. The appeal of happiness looks good on everyone and knowing that you gave someone that look is truly one of the best feelings in the world. It gives you a burst of self confidence knowing that someone’s life is ten times better now due to a simple act you generously portrayed towards them. Lastly they’ve shown me that money and material products aren’t everything you need to be happy, in fact they are a very slim part of what true happiness is. My grandparents are always there whenever I need advice, hope, or even a laugh.

Without my grandparents my life would fall to pieces. They’ve shown me so many values to live by in order for me to feel empowered and confident in myself. Their love and compassion towards my family and I motivates me everyday to do my best and eventually make them as proud of me, as I am of them.

—Canaan Memorial High School