An idea can always become a reality. No matter what the thought may be, it can become a part of your life or your daily routine. An idea of mine has become a reality here at White Mountains Regional. My cousin, T, and I love bass fishing and have grown into the sport. All summer, we would get together and fish numerous ponds and lakes. While watching several Youtube fishing videos on our free time, we came upon a high school fishing league video. This inspired the idea/dream behind creating our own competitive team here at WMRHS.

The idea seemed very farfetched at first. I mean, who really would have thought a couple students and some parents could convince Mr. B and the rest of the school community into creating a fishing team at a North Country school like ours? It didn’t seem possible because of our location and past atmosphere and way of doing things. That all changed for the better. I believe if you have an idea of your own here at this school, it can now come true. Our idea became a reality because we took the steps to make our idea known. Although we had to present the idea, the administration really brought it into reality. As soon as we pitched the idea to the members of the school board, they agreed to it, and we started seeking out spots and signups for team members.

When the team had been finalized, T, myself, and our friend G stood as team members. A boat and truck were donated to us by Mr. A, and Mr. R and Mr. G were our coaches for the tournament. This was all such a new experience. The day of the tournament, we were at the school by 3:30 in the morning! We went to the tournament and had a great time learning things about one another and expanding our love for the sport.

I feel as if kids in our area think that, because we live in the Great North Woods, our ideas cannot happen in the real world. But our story is a prime example of how our ideas can become true. It doesn’t matter where you are from as long as you have the drive to make it happen. Because of one simple idea, it became a reality in our lives. I challenge you to take one of your ideas and make it a reality. You will not regret it.

—White Mountains Regional High School